Elegant and charming: how to turn a walking stick into a style accessory

4 November 2020

From Jane Fonda in “Grace and Frankie” and Anthony Hopkins in “The Remains of the Day”, to Hugh Laurie in “Dr. House”, the fictional Sherlock …

A face mask? It is essential, but not enough on its own. How to protect ourselves from the virus.

4 November 2020

We are living through difficult and uncertain times. These are hard times and we have had to make sacrifices, accustom ourselves to new codes of …

Famil.care. A complete solution for remote care of your loved ones.

4 November 2020

The current health emergency has led to profound changes in our everyday life. We have changed our habits, the way we interact with others and …

la nostra azienda

Moretti Iberica opens. There is a new Moretti company in Barcelona

4 November 2020

There is a famous TV advert that says “we are made for change”.  The advertising slogan is basically an invitation to change the furnishing of …

Surgical masks for children: the safest choice. Discover why.

19 October 2020

Right from the beginning of the Covid health emergency, the spread of the virus among children and teenagers has been analysed and studied by healthcare …

Back to school in safety

1 October 2020

We are starting again with new routines, such as measuring body temperature.     Social distancing, masks, strict compliance with hours, routes and protocols. The …

The right to medical aids: our commitment to people with a serious and complex disability.

1 October 2020

When a disease occurs or worsens, and a disability or injury makes a medical aid necessary, the bureaucratic process to obtain one is lengthy and …

Measuring body temperature before going to school: the how and the why

29 September 2020

Getting youngsters back to school has been a complex operation this year. Some believe opening schools again is a gamble. For others, it is a …

Which infra-red thermometer should you choose? 5 + 1 aspects that identify a high-quality thermometer

29 September 2020

Measuring body temperature is an essential part of monitoring our state of health. With a good quality infra-red thermometer, this operation is quick and efficient. …

Once upon a time: the story of our efforts for the local area during lockdown

10 August 2020

It is now mid-August, at the height of an unusual summer, in which the holiday spirit is somehow dampened, as everyone works to recover from …

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