Advice for runners and non-runners alike! Centro Ortopedico Nizza offers an innovative and important test.

26 March 2020 /

For this month’s “Customer of the month”, we interviewed Michela from “Centro Ortopedico Nizza” in Turin Hello Michela. Could you tell us about what Centro …

Our CFO joins the Andaf and tells us about his “new role” at the company

5 March 2020 /

Hello Maurizio. You recently became a member of the Andaf, the National Association of Executive Directors and Financial Officers. Could you tell us how and …

4 million Italians in bed with the ‘flu

13 February 2020 /

This is the estimate made, over the last few days, by Fabrizio Pregliasco, Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health and virologist. It is a statistic …

Logistics and automation: important new changes in the warehouse

6 February 2020 /

Optimisation of warehouse logistics has always been an essential element in our corporate strategy. In Moretti, we have always placed great importance on constantly improving …

Specialisation and personal care services. We are going to tell you what is special about Medisan srl, a company based in Crotone

6 February 2020 /

For this month’s “Customer of the month”, we interviewed Loredana Gentile, sales manager of Medisan srl Hello Loredana. Could you tell us about Medisan srl …

10 things to do when organising a concert

28 January 2020 /

Raise your hands those of you with some mobility impairment, if you have been to a concert or public event and everything went smoothly from …

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