How to choose a scooter for a disabled or elderly person

7 February 2019 /

When our ability to move independently is reduced, as a result of illness, disability or age, our world becomes smaller and, in our own eyes, …

Tombolini: when experience is the launchpad to the future!

7 February 2019 /

This month for the “Customer of the month” section, we are interviewing Dr. Giuseppe Tombolini, regional president in the Puglia, Calabria and Basilicata regions of …

What to give an elderly person at Christmas

15 January 2019 /

Christmas is almost here and it is time to think about gifts. The search for the perfect gift is based on the tastes and wishes of our loved ones and leads us to dedicate some of our time to shopping.

Customer of the month: Orthosan srl

15 January 2019 /

This month’s “Customer of the month” is Orthosan srl in Montesilvano (PE). The company has turned from being simply a laboratory manufacturing orthopaedic prosthetics and aids to being a point of reference of the orthopaedics sector stretching beyond the borders of the Abruzzo region.

Give us the fairy godmother to be fashionable

15 January 2019 /

Fashion is the art of expressing your personality through your clothes, to the extent that, frequently, “you are what you wear”. Our clothes express who we are and how we feel and, through shapes and colour combinations, complete our person.

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