For over 40 years, Moretti S.p.A. has been dealing with medical devices, with a product range including home-care and mobility, anti-decubitus aids, pressure gauges, electro-medical devices, diagnostics, furniture, single-use and sterilisation devices, and surgical and emergency instruments.

Our name is today synonymous with excellence, a brand capable of competing nationally and abroad.

Our constant focus on quality is our distinctive feature, which permeates every business sector in a work process that is constantly being improved and optimised.

We are dynamic, inclined to change and organised within a planning and control system capable of elaborating specific short and medium-term objectives and of directly elaborating technological or non-technological tools to optimise our work. Moretti is a system in development, capable of welcoming and enhancing the specificities of its employees and turning them into points of strength in a competitive environment that is extending worldwide.

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