A walk in total safety: choose your ally

8 June 2021 /

After the long winter of the pandemic, the initial reopening has reawakened our desire for some freedom. With a sense of responsibility and in compliance …

An industry (growing) within the company

8 June 2021 /

We are living in an unprecedented historical period. The continuing pandemic, the aftermath of the fall in trade in 2020 and the advent of completely …

Assistance in the bathroom: only when needed and in total safety

8 June 2021 /

Helping the elderly and people with motor disabilities when they are in the bathroom is one of the most critical and sensitive phases. Assisting an …

Art returns to Cavriglia: The second International Sculpture Symposium has started

8 June 2021 /

Sculpture never stops. Despite the pandemic and the multitude of organisational and logistical problems it has caused, the municipal council of Cavriglia, in collaboration with …

Harnessing systems: help in ensuring correct posture in a wheelchair

28 May 2021 /

Choosing the right wheelchair or commode seat for our loved ones, something we have already discussed on other occasions, is a complex process. Confirmation of …

Is it possible to reduce the effects of a sedentary lifestyle? Yes, it is, with the right cushion

28 May 2021 /

The closure of gyms and sports centres, working from home, the closure of business activities and the recommendation to go out as little as possible …

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