An industry (growing) within the company

8 June 2021

We are living in an unprecedented historical period. The continuing pandemic, the aftermath of the fall in trade in 2020 and the advent of completely …

Assistance in the bathroom: only when needed and in total safety

8 June 2021

Helping the elderly and people with motor disabilities when they are in the bathroom is one of the most critical and sensitive phases. Assisting an …

Art returns to Cavriglia: The second International Sculpture Symposium has started

8 June 2021

Sculpture never stops. Despite the pandemic and the multitude of organisational and logistical problems it has caused, the municipal council of Cavriglia, in collaboration with …

Two pink bows and a few thoughts

28 May 2021

Our way of doing business has always been distinguished by the close bond we have with the area in which we live Moretti is now …

la nostra azienda

Moretti Iberica opens. There is a new Moretti company in Barcelona

4 November 2020

There is a famous TV advert that says “we are made for change”.  The advertising slogan is basically an invitation to change the furnishing of …

The right to medical aids: our commitment to people with a serious and complex disability.

1 October 2020

When a disease occurs or worsens, and a disability or injury makes a medical aid necessary, the bureaucratic process to obtain one is lengthy and …

Which infra-red thermometer should you choose? 5 + 1 aspects that identify a high-quality thermometer

29 September 2020

Measuring body temperature is an essential part of monitoring our state of health. With a good quality infra-red thermometer, this operation is quick and efficient. …

How to combine the extraordinary with the ordinary and accept change

20 April 2020

How we are dealing with the current emergency, the source of such radical and deep change. “Our values are the parameters for our decisions and …

Our CFO joins the Andaf and tells us about his “new role” at the company

5 March 2020

Hello Maurizio. You recently became a member of the Andaf, the National Association of Executive Directors and Financial Officers. Could you tell us how and …

What to give an elderly person at Christmas

10 December 2019

Christmas is almost here and it is time to think about gifts. The search for the perfect gift is based on the tastes and wishes of our loved ones and leads us to dedicate some of our time to shopping.

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