ITOP Officine Ortopediche is 40 years old, an important milestone marking the achievements of an activity symbolising excellence and specialisation, research and a constant focus on quality.

ITOP currently employs a team of over 150 qualified professionals who, each year, manufacture over 20,000 custom-made orthopaedic devices, and the brand certifies use of state-of-the-art technologies to achieve increasingly high quality standards.
ITOP is a synonym of research, development and continual training to achieve a constantly improving quality of life for users of prostheses, medical aids, etc.
ITop is blowing out forty candles on 25, 26 and 27 May by opening the doors of its offices in Palestrina and inaugurating a children’s playground with a nearby communal green area, in which there will be a play area and equipment that able-bodied and disabled people can use together.
We will be directly and physically involved in the three days dedicated to research, prevention, sport and social activities.
Moretti has contributed to the collection of funds for research into neurological and neuromuscular diseases and that is why it will be indicated among the contributing brands on a special advertising panel inside the park.
Our CEO, Filippo Fabbrini, the Sales Manager, Nicola Stiacci, and the representative of the General Management and Public Affairs office, Alessandro Berti, will be present for the three days, which will include plenty of initiatives, an ECM Conference on scientific and technological innovations in the orthopaedic sector and a technological workshop at which “innovations in medical devices in the new LEA” will be discussed.
The Moretti team will also be present in the person of Giuseppe Giosuè, the Tiboda Product Specialist who, together with a team of technicians, will be present at a stand where it will be possible to discover and try the latest Moretti product, the revolutionary Tiboda electric drive unit.
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