The portfolio of internally-manufactured products by Moretti has included the shower stretcher since last year.
The process that led to the design and manufacture of this product, now available in electric and hydraulic versions, involved a wide range of players and took its first steps from field research conducted with audits in hospitals and nursing homes.

The two Moretti engineers with the remit to design the product collected the analyses run by the research department and wanted to take a closer look at the specific needs of those who use this product on a daily basis so as to identify the most important aspects during use.

So, the Moretti staff ran a comprehensive investigation by collecting comments from nurses as the direct users and from facility managers as the persons in charge of procurement.

The picture that emerged led the research and development division to look for innovative solutions, also drawing on sectors quite different from the health sector as with the anti-corrosion treatment applied to the frame, coming from the car industry.

Other salient features of the product include the choice of polycarbonate as a material used for making the washing platform. An extremely robust material and with extraordinary, impact-resistant properties.
Furthermore, the electric version of the shower stretcher involved the use of waterproof electrical components and a very low electrical voltage which makes it impossible for the patient to receive an electric shock even in the unlikely case of a fault.

The product design phase got under way at the end of 2016 and it came onto the market in June last year. By December 2017, the sales figures had more than doubled the initial hoped-for forecasts.

On the other hand, in 2018 we expect to be releasing a bariatric version and a paediatric version.

Then, taking a closer look at the ergonomic details of the product that emerged from the analyses, we can see that the shower stretcher offers comfort for the patient but is also of a modest size, making it easy to move around even in places which have narrow doorways. Lastly, the dynamics of movement of the stretcher were studied with care, so that even if the item is quite heavy, it can easily get over small obstacles such as a step or an uneven floor surface and can be moved with ease.

For further information on the shower stretcher, please contact your local agent.

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