Humanity and solidarity: turning a concept into reality with the Misericordia di San Giovanni Valdarno e Cavriglia association

30 July 2020

Moretti SpA has made a donation for the purchase of a new ambulance for the Misericordia di San Giovanni Valdarno e Cavriglia association. We took …

Moretti SpA stars in “Le Storie ZCS”: find out what we shared with Zucchetti Centro Sistemi

16 July 2019

Moretti Spa is customer n° 16 of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS), a leading company of the area that, right from the start, has worked alongside …

Our support for the third painting contest dedicated to Giuliano Pini

4 June 2019

“Leggende, miti e racconti” “legends, myths and stories” is the title and the theme of the third painting contest dedicated to Giuliano Pini. This initiative …

Beyond appearances: Sculpture is the main attraction in Cavriglia

16 May 2019

When Michelangelo Buonarroti saw a block of marble, he used to say he could see an image forming in his mind’s eye. A shape to …

3+1 Prejudices, about the world of disability

9 May 2019

Prejudices about the world of disability are like fixed, immovable walls that are hard to break down. It is right to be aware of how …

Repeat with me: do you need help?

26 March 2019

Everything would be so much simpler if people would just ask and allow us to answer rather than considering us to be a gigantic sign …

Dynamo Camp: holidays for fighters and heroes!

15 March 2019

During the past few days, Moretti SpA went to the offices of the Associazione Dynamo Camp Onlus with a truck full of wheelchairs and mobility …

The new responsibilities of retailers under regulation MDR 745/2017

5 March 2019

The new Medical Devices Regulation MDR 745/2017, which repeals directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent amendments, came into force on 25 May 2017, and will be definitive …

Once upon a time, there was a princess in a wheelchair

25 February 2019

Diversity is one of the most important and “sensitive” topics to discuss with both young and slightly older children. They often ask us to explain …

The mammoth, a piece of Valdarno’s history

31 July 2018

Moretti SpA contributed to the extraordinary and complex operations that allowed the completion of the first phase of restoration of the mammoth.