It is now mid-August, at the height of an unusual summer, in which the holiday spirit is somehow dampened, as everyone works to recover from the past few months and prepare for what lies ahead.
It is as if everything is hanging in the balance. We are at a difficult point and know we should move on quickly but, partly due to it being summertime and to the scorching heat, we also know we have to slow down and take the time to reflect on the events of the past few months, which were so frenetic due to the pandemic.

Between the end of February and the first half of March, Italy, Europe, China and many other countries were going through an incredibly difficult situation.
The pandemic seemed to be advancing like a freak wave, an unknown danger, an enemy against whom we had to defend ourselves without delay, placing our own and our loved ones’ safety above any other need.

The Italian healthcare system was forced rapidly to implement new protocols, reorganise its services and use new resources and instruments.
It is precisely on this last point that, here at Moretti, we felt we had to do our part. Our concern, when the entire world was working to halt the spread of the pandemic, was the safety of our own local area.

We therefore made the most of our know-how and our skills in the procurement of face masks, sanitising gels and anything else necessary to provide the local voluntary associations and the South-east Tuscany local healthcare authority with essential medical devices.

During that period, Italy had banned all flights from China and, throughout Europe, tons of goods were blocked in airports. Finding face masks, of which China was the only manufacturer in the world at the time, seemed impossible.
Thanks to over forty years of experience in the sector, we were able to procure 100,000 face masks, which we had shipped to Italy by air, in the shortest time possible.

We therefore decided to donate 1,500 bottles of sanitising gel and 4,000 face masks to the local voluntary associations and to distribute the remainder, at cost price and for a total of 100,000 masks, to the South-east Tuscany local healthcare authority and to the major towns of the Valdarno Aretino and Florence area . This guaranteed aid to the hospitals and local government authorities of Valdarno, Arezzo, Siena and Grosseto.

We are telling this story now to describe, with actual examples, the attention we have always focused on our local area and the sense of responsibility we have to it. We believe that our business must start by contributing to the well-being of our own community. With a sense of humanity that, we hope, this pandemic has reawakened in everyone!

Have a good summer!

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