Customer of the month: Orthosan srl

15 January 2019

This month’s “Customer of the month” is Orthosan srl in Montesilvano (PE). The company has turned from being simply a laboratory manufacturing orthopaedic prosthetics and aids to being a point of reference of the orthopaedics sector stretching beyond the borders of the Abruzzo region.

Customer of the month: Ortopedia Franco Zungri s.r.l.

29 October 2018

This month’s interview is with Ortopedia Franco Zungri srl, a company set up in the postwar period and currently capable of combining a traditional craftsman’s skill with more evolved technologies.

Interview with our customer of the month: Medikron

12 September 2018

It was 1995 when a family of entrepreneurs that had been performing industrial, business and services activities in the energy, environment and healthcare sectors for over a century founded Medikron in Rome.

Customer of the month: IDS srl

6 August 2018

Antonio D’Agostino tells us about his IDS, a company specialising in the sale and rental of medical apparatus and equipment, instruments and products for orthopaedics and other medical devices required for Healthcare.

Customer of the month: Ortopedia Ruggiero

26 June 2018

This month’s “customer of the month” is Ortopedia Ruggiero, a leading company in the orthopaedic prosthetics sector.

Customer of the month: Ortopedia Michelotti

8 May 2018

This month, the “Customer of the month” column is dedicated to Ortopedia Michelotti, a multifaceted company which has used its many years of experience to specialise in certain products.

Customer of the month: Il Point srl in Verona

27 March 2018

Claudio Giordani from Il Point Srl tells us about the details and objectives of a well-established company geared to innovation.