IDS was founded in 2007 out of a business idea that came to Antonio, a former ambulance driver with experience in his family of nursing homes and rest homes. His business plan met the healthcare needs of the Public Administration and Companies with specific knowledge and expertise, and together with them the company launched a program of consultation and growth that soon led Antonio to expand his portfolio of products and services and also his list of customers.

In no time at all, IDS became a specialist in the sale of medical devices, PPE, PMC, electro-medical equipment, surgical instruments and sutures, products for orthopaedics and ostomy, and also included disposable, sanitising and disinfectant products within its business proposal.

What made the company’s approach stand out was the in-depth expertise with which it proposes the various product categories, the quality and promptness of the service offered and its strong propensity towards innovation. IDS expanded rapidly and developed an increasingly exclusive collaboration with the public sector. A synergistic relationship that led the company to respond promptly to the changes within the sector and that drove IDS also to take on the role of manufacturer of medical devices as regards disposable or consumable products.

What draws IDS to Moretti SpA?

IDS has been a Moretti customer for some time, especially as regards mobility aids. The things that draw them together are competence, quality and innovation that both search for in every stage of their work. And precisely this harmonised style of working, with which Antonio and the Moretti Sales Dept. manage their respective businesses, has meant that a close, fruitful partnership has been created, which aims in particular at improving the competitiveness of Antonio’s company, with respect to his product portfolio that includes emergency and mobility items.

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Moretti Service and Consulting è un’agenzia di comunicazione specializzata in ambito healthcare. MSC è un vero e proprio spin off aziendale, un comparto con competenze specialistiche in ambito comunicazione e marketing in grado di bilanciare le esigenze di distinzione ed innovazione che muovono la presentazione di ogni nuovo progetto con le normative e le codifiche che regolano la proposizione sul mercato di ausili e dispositivi medici.

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