We are living in an unprecedented historical period. The continuing pandemic, the aftermath of the fall in trade in 2020 and the advent of completely different lifestyles, methods of consumption and working, together with an increase in transport and raw materials prices, are all creating an entirely new social and economic context.

Despite all this, Italian-made products, as confirmed in recent weeks by the “Most Valuable Italian Brands 2020” ranking, recorded double-figure growth: +11% in 2020, reaching the considerable turnover of Euro 114.6 million dollars.

This is a positive and concrete figure that, in a time of general uncertainty, clearly indicates the road to take, which is supporting the Italian economy by manufacturing, selling and distributing products designed and manufactured in our country.

All these statistics could not fail to affect us personally. Moretti has, in fact, dedicated an operational area of over 2,500 m2 to production since 2013. A genuine industry inside the company.

Fourteen people work in the production department at Moretti. Specialised operatives and technicians work to create an excellent plant that, last year, totalled revenues exceeding Euro 3.5 million, accounting for around 15% of total company revenues.

The company strategy for the next three years is planned investments of over Euro one million, to support further growth of its industry. The investment will be made in structures and human resources, which are the core of future development.

At its plant in Cavriglia, Moretti uses its expertise in the metal working sector to manufacture a broad range of aids and medical devices.

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Moretti Service and Consulting è un’agenzia di comunicazione specializzata in ambito healthcare. MSC è un vero e proprio spin off aziendale, un comparto con competenze specialistiche in ambito comunicazione e marketing in grado di bilanciare le esigenze di distinzione ed innovazione che muovono la presentazione di ogni nuovo progetto con le normative e le codifiche che regolano la proposizione sul mercato di ausili e dispositivi medici.

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