The origins

The origins of Ortopedia Franco Zungri srl date to the immediate postwar period, when the extraordinary ability in orthopaedic techniques of father Fausto, an apprentice in an orthopaedics workshop at the time, first came to light. He went on to be made a Cavaliere del Lavoro (the highest Italian honour for an industry manager) by President Pertini and then a Grande Ufficiale della Repubblica (Order of Merit of the Italian Republic) by President Scalfaro.

Fausto passed on his passion for orthopaedic techniques to Franco, who opened his first workshop in the heart of Naples in 1979.
This marked the beginning of the company, which has evolved and innovated continually, basing its success on the human relationship created with its customers, on developments in the sector and on Franco’s ability to extend the company’s skills and services, collaborating with or purchasing companies specialised in sectors complementary to its own.

The acquisistions

These acquisitions include Taisan, specialised in the manufacture of orthopaedic beds, and Costruzioni Ortopediche di Pescara, following which Franco Zungri srl became part of a national circuit of home care and hospital care for the elderly, ill or disabled.
2007 saw a major new entry into the company: Tiziana, Franco’s daughter and the person we interviewed:

Hello Tiziana. The history of Ortopedia Zungri dates back a long way. Would you tell us about the most recent major milestones?

Our orthopaedics company has always kept pace with the times, so there have been a very large number of milestones. Various orthopaedic companies have been purchased since 2000 and that is one of the reasons behind our growth. We acquired a facility with over 1200 m2 of floorspace outside the city centre in 2009 and we founded a Specialisation and Research Centre with over 1500 m2 of floorspace in Ariano Irpino in 2013 and we also set up the Naples Multifunctional Centre in 2015.

What is the current organisation of Ortopedia Franco Zungri srl? What are your areas of greatest specialisation?

In addition to the facilities I just mentioned, we also have sixteen stores and are about to open the seventeenth. Our main areas of specialisation are unquestionably posture, prostheses and scoliosis corsets.
I think we have always stood out for our professionalism and the human and personal relationship we create with the patient.

What does the future hold for Ortopedia Franco Zungri srl?

Our orthopaedic production is extremely dynamic and I believe we are ready to face any new challenge the market presents. Our team is formed of orthopaedic technicians, therapists, geriatric assistants and doctors, who continually refresh their skills with training and retraining courses. An important part of our future is certainly our research centre, where we are currently working on a truly revolutionary scoliosis corset.

Franco Zungri srl and Moretti have been working side by side for many years now. Do they have any shared traits?

I believe that for Franco Zungri srl, as for Moretti, research and innovation are not terms relating to a single department in itself, but rather concepts that are present in every company department and every company resource. At both Zungri and Moretti, what makes the difference is the people, their professionalism and the ability to listen and relate to customers in an authentic way.
In this specific case, Moretti has proved to be the perfect partner in the person of the area representative, Paolo Aliberti, and Chiara Fabbrini of the Sales Department.
Thank you Tiziana. Keep up the good work!
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