Hello Giulia. Could you tell us about your experience at Exposanità?

I want to start by saying that it was the first time I had visited such an important exhibition. I was not expecting such an interesting event and so much to see. I obtained information and updates on all the latest innovations and developments in medical aids.
What excited your curiosity or struck you particularly?
One thing more than any other, and the list is very long here, with all the stands I visited!
I saw the Italian Amputees National Football Team playing and, although I have been following them on Facebook for a long time, it was incredibly exciting to see them in person. They are amazing!!
Unfortunately, I know what it means to move around on crutches, since I used them for a long time, and I would never have dreamed it was possible to do what they do.
Did you use your Tiboda to visit the fair?
I certainly did! With my Tiboda, moving around the fair was much simpler, because it is quick and easy to handle. The pavilions were very large and there was a huge number of stands and visitors, but I was able to move around easily, often accompanying other people in trying it out.
Tell us a bit about these trials. Which features of Tiboda excited the most curiosity among the people who tried it at the fair?
I think the feature that struck the most users I accompanied is the quick coupling. I showed them how simple and quick it is to couple and uncouple the drive unit from the wheelchair. This really simplifies day-to-day tasks.
They were also surprised both by the power of Tiboda and its reduced turning radius, a feature that makes it easy to drive even in limited spaces.
We saw you making frequent pit-stops at the Moretti stand, What did you think?
I am probably a bit biased, but I though the Moretti stand was really amazing and planned right down to the last detail. When you entered pavilion 16, which was the most important one at the fair, you could not miss it. There was also a really positive and welcoming atmosphere at the stand. The many users I accompanied found the specific answers to their questions at the stand from the technicians there, and also more information on the sales aspect.
Thank you Giulia. It has been a pleasure having you here with us. What are your coming sporting commitments? 
I will playing in tournaments in Korea and Japan from 8 to 19 May, then I will be in France in June. Each stage is a small victory for me in my ultimate goal to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.
We will be cheering you on! See you soon 

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