Sculpture never stops.

Despite the pandemic and the multitude of organisational and logistical problems it has caused, the municipal council of Cavriglia, in collaboration with the AIESM (International Association of Monumental Sculpture Events) has organised the second “Pietra Sublime” International Sculpture Symposium, due to run from 30 May to 13 June.

What it is

Pietra Sublime is an event that brings together twelve sculptors of international standing in the original surroundings of the Bellosguardo pedestrian and cycle path. Each will be given a block of travertine marble to craft into a sculpture!

How it works

The twelve sculptors, carefully selected by the technical and scientific committee and originating from Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Armenia, Japan, China, Iran and South Korea, will work safely and socially distanced inside the Bellosguardo area.
They will have just two weeks to craft their monumental sculpture. These genuine works of art will be displayed in the Bellosguardo area.

A strong message

The idea behind the Symposium is to highlight art, and sculpture in particular in this case, as a means of beauty, dialogue between populations, peace and international cooperation.
The Symposium highlights the desire for rebirth, to enjoy the art and to share with the artists the process of creation and development of their works.

The organisation

This second event, after the success of the first in 2019, is the result of a productive collaboration between Bettino Francini, President of the AIESM, the municipal council of Cavriglia and companies in the area, who, together with us, have supported organisation of this initiative and made it possible.

As in 2019, Moretti is once again the Main Sponsor of the initiative.
With our support, now as then, we are happy to offer Cavriglia the chance to greet the world and act as the backdrop and birthplace of the twelve new sculptures, as an opportunity for dialogue, inspiration and artistic expression.

The program

Following inauguration of the Symposium on 30 May, a full calendar of cultural events with the sculptors at the centre is planned. For the entire duration of the event, it will be possible, in compliance with current regulations, to visit Bellosguardo and watch the artists at work.

For more information on the Symposium program, consult the dedicated website here

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