When Michelangelo Buonarroti saw a block of marble, he used to say he could see an image forming in his mind’s eye. A shape to be undressed in order to admire it in all its beauty.

A exercise of imagination

In this sense, sculpture is an exercise of imagination and subtraction. Sculptors have the ability to go beyond appearances, to remove the unnecessary and to give shape, space and volume to their ideas.

And for a brief period, sculpture is the leading attraction just a few kilometres from our headquarters!

Sublime Stone

The municipality of Cavriglia, in collaboration with AIESM (International Association for Monumental Sculpture Events), has organised “Sublime Stone” (Pietra Sublime) an International Sculpture Symposium.

The event, which opened on 28 April has seen the arrival in Valdarno of 12 internationally renowned sculptors from around the world, and as many blocks of marble, Serena stone or travertine.

Each sculptor was selected by a committee of experts, after providing a drawing of their project, and are now busy with bringing their work to fruition.

The creation of monumental sculptures

And if you pay a visit these days to the area of Bellosguardo circuits, you can see them at work till the closing date scheduled for Sunday, 12 May: intent in the creation of their monumental sculptures, which will be left as a gift to the municipality of Cavriglia.

The event aims to promote sculpture as an instrument of peace, international cooperation, beauty and dialogue among peoples, and immediately triggered a virtuous cultural exchange among sculptors from Japan, Turkey, China, Armenia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Germany, India and Italy; and the local communities are also involved, with particular reference to students and the art enthusiasts who have flocked to Cavriglia from all over Italy.

We support the Symposium

Those of us at Moretti wanted to actively support the Symposium, collaborating in the organisation of the cultural event for the benefit of the social fabric in our area.

The event is in total harmony with the social sustainability values that have always been at the heart of the Fabbrini family, who have been increasingly involved in the cultural activities of the area, including the discovery and restoration of the mammoth, or the painting contest dedicated to the memory of Giuliano Pini.

Watching these sculptors at work has been something quite unique for us.

It has taught us to look beyond appearances, to remove the outer layers and to pursue our ideas by giving them the power to communicate, in a direct and universal language that knows no linguistic or cultural barriers.

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