“Leggende, miti e racconti”

“legends, myths and stories” is the title and the theme of the third painting contest dedicated to Giuliano Pini. This initiative is sponsored, with our contribution and with his wife, Roberta Romanelli, by the Town Council of Cavriglia.

Over 170 students from the Istituto Comprensivo “Dante Alighieri” and the Piero della Francesca di Arezzo, “Magiotti” and ISIS Varchi di Montevarchi art high schools took part in the contest, which concluded with the awards ceremony held last Tuesday at Cavriglia Civic Theatre.

The contest

The contest, which was conceived with the intention of celebrating Giuliano Pini, who was particularly active in the cultural activities of the community in the years spent in Cavriglia, offers an important opportunity for young local artists to shine.

The theme successfully stimulated the creativity of the students and the jury was presented with a large number of original and unique works, the result of careful reflection on the theme.

As Giuliano’s wife Roberta said, the annual contest is the best occasion to celebrate his memory. A permanent travelling exhibition will be dedicated to the artist, after whom the Council Room at the Town Hall is named, and will display his works in various symbolic locations of Cavriglia.

Here at Moretti, we are once again proud to have given our support to this initiative, which offers new chances for visibility to the talented young artists of our territory, and results in a collection of ingenious and highly creative works.

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