As we get older and our health affects our ability to move independently, our world becomes smaller and even the tiniest movement becomes more difficult.

It is precisely in these cases that use of the right mobility aid can be a turning point: a practical, simple and effective support in regaining independent movement.

We are well aware of this here at Moretti and that is why we have included both a range of scooters that can be adapted to the mobility needs of the elderly and people with motor disabilities and an electric front drive for wheelchairs in our product portfolio.

That is not all. With the aim of accompanying you in your choice of the best mobility support and allowing you to check out the features and specifics first hand, we have organised an actual tour across Italy, called: Destinazione Mobility.

Destinazione Mobility

Destinazione Mobility is a project, a journey in stages and a series of events where we will bring our mobility aids to your town. Each event is the chance to discover them in all their details, take them on a test drive and imagine a day-to-day life with a new, and increased, independence.

When are the next stages?

Our product specialist Giuseppe Giosuè, the Ardea Mobility scooter range and the Tiboda electric drive will be coming to:

Bari on 28 May

Lamezia Terme on 29 May

Reggio Calabria on 30 May

Catania on 31 May

Palermo on 1 June

Naples on 4 June

Milan on 17 June

If you live near one of these cities, click on the link and register. All the events are free of charge and do not require any purchase. They are simply an important opportunity for your to learn all about our products!

If you want to learn all about the Moretti independent mobility aids and see them for yourself, but you do not live near any of these cities, click here and request a trial in your own city.

We look forward to seeing you! 

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