We all need to stay fit, whatever our age.

Movement is essential to our well-being, whether a simple stroll outdoors or intensive training sessions at home or elsewhere.

However, training, or at least keeping fit, is sometimes not that simple. The frenetic pace of modern life, combined with the sedentary nature of many jobs, can sometimes cause problems in leaving the home independently in later life.

In all these cases, which are increasingly common among adults and the elderly, “home fitness” can provide a helping hand. Large and small equipment that allows movement without leaving the home.

Home fitness

If the term home fitness makes you think immediately of an exercise bike or treadmill, which are often too cumbersome for a home environment, think again, because there is a valid alternative: a pedal exerciser.

A pedal exerciser, also known as a mini-cycle or mini exercise bike, is widely used in physiotherapy to recover coordination and muscle tone. It is practical, easy to handle and small, so it can be used safely in the home.

A pedal exerciser

A pedal exerciser can be used to exercise the legs or arms and stay active even when sitting comfortably in an armchair. It has a simple structure, without the standard handles and seat of an exercise bike, and is formed simply of the pedals and the frame.

The pedal exerciser in the new Crossy range of Mopedia by Moretti SpA has a painted steel structure with four anti-slip tips and pedals with foot straps and a knob to regulate intensity. The three models differ in their structure, which is fixed for the Fix model, folding for the Foldy model and folding with a display to monitor time and pedal turns for the Top model.

The mini exercise bikes are essential in physiotherapy for continuous and efficient exercise in sessions with the physiotherapist, and a simple solution in overcoming the problem of a sedentary lifestyle. They can be used for exercise while sitting at a desk, reading or watching TV, combining a moment of relaxation with movement, all to the benefit of our health.

Click here or contact your usual orthopaedics and medical supply store to learn more about the Crossy mini-cycle of Mopedia.

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