10 things to do when organising a concert

28 January 2020

Raise your hands those of you with some mobility impairment, if you have been to a concert or public event and everything went smoothly from …

An interview with Arianna Talamona; paralympic swimmer training for Tokyo 2020

30 April 2019

You meet some interesting people on social media. You discover profiles that amaze you for the ease with which they communicate, for the sense of …

Give us the fairy godmother to be fashionable

15 January 2019

Fashion is the art of expressing your personality through your clothes, to the extent that, frequently, “you are what you wear”. Our clothes express who we are and how we feel and, through shapes and colour combinations, complete our person.

Saying, doing, kissing, testing

16 November 2018

A person’s senses take in everything that can allow them to interact with the outside world. This includes touch. For me, touch is an approach to another person that also passes through the universe of sex.

Ableism disables us as human beings

4 October 2018

A new word to add to the book of good manners, in order to understand it, but not repeat it. And pass it on, in order to vanquish the virus of ableism.

Accessible tourism: a single roof is required for everyone

23 July 2018

Accessible tourism deserves a home where you can ring the bell and be welcomed. A digital or physical place where you can find all the information to travel freely, and without surprises.

Obtaining a special B driving licence. My experience

3 July 2018

I decided to take my driving test because I want to decide where to go and my 4 wheelchair wheels are no longer enough. I will travel across Italy, choosing where to go and enjoying the journey, even on my own.

Accessible holidays: we spoke with Stefania Marson

19 June 2018

The organisation of an accessible holiday starts with a strict check on the effective accessibility of the accommodation and continues with precise examination of the activities and itineraries. We spoke to Stefania Marson about this.

Disability, Sport & Inclusion: an innovative project to introduce sport to very young wheelchair users

12 June 2018

3rd floor, room 11 of the Turin Spinal Unit. This is where the idea was conceived of introducing very young wheelchair users to sport

Moretti SpA supports the “L’isola sono io” reality show

5 June 2018

The TV program envisaging disability as a means of inclusion and enrichment since 2014. Here, every journey offers the chance to break down new barriers, mental or otherwise.