Our way of doing business has always been distinguished by the close bond we have with the area in which we live
Moretti is now an established and internationally recognised brand, but behind this result is the meticulous and day-to-day work of a team of people for whom the company is a way of life.

Over what is now more than forty years of activity, this team has created a company that supplies orthopaedic and medical supply stores, pharmacies and healthcare structures throughout Italy (and beyond).

But that is not all.
In our daily work, we have skilfully interwoven and matched the needs of the company with the lives of the people who live in the areas of Valdarno, the Casentino Valley, Florence and Arezzo.

From a certain point of view, we therefore like to think that our work has not only contributed to the success of the company, but has also given lifeblood to this area, offering tangible support to the personal and family lives of everyone.
In these forty plus years of activity, forty-seven babies have been born “at Moretti” (including the two baby girls born to our Matteo just a few days ago).
Families that have formed and grown, lives that the company has accompanied and supported every day, with a spirit of community and joy.

During this difficult year of distances and sacrifices, we feel the need to tell you about this side of our company even more. Moretti is this as well, a company that builds the future for new generations.

So, we want to welcome little Gaia and Alessia into the world and give a virtual hug to the families of all our employees
Filippo and Chiara Fabbrini

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Moretti Service and Consulting è un’agenzia di comunicazione specializzata in ambito healthcare. MSC è un vero e proprio spin off aziendale, un comparto con competenze specialistiche in ambito comunicazione e marketing in grado di bilanciare le esigenze di distinzione ed innovazione che muovono la presentazione di ogni nuovo progetto con le normative e le codifiche che regolano la proposizione sul mercato di ausili e dispositivi medici.

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