Digital blood pressure monitors: the features that make a difference and the errors to avoid in measurement

23 March 2023 /

The Global Health Observatory has identified the heart as being the most delicate organ in the human body. The figures show, in fact, that high …

Everything you need to know before choosing a wheelchair

28 February 2023 /

Aids for someone with impaired mobility restore a general condition of well-being, even if they serve a specific purpose in a clearly defined setting. They …

Safety in the bathroom: 5 aspects to assess in choosing the right seat

14 February 2023 /

As we get older, the way our body works changes, with repercussions on our strength, pace, reflexes and coordination. Ageing affects our organs and our …

A hospital bed at home: why get one and how to choose it properly

3 November 2022 /

In caring for a sick or elderly person, there are various aids that can be used to improve the patient’s comfort and well-being, protect their …

8 ideas + 1 for a truly accessible holiday

29 June 2022 /

  Every September, we say “a holiday is a state of mind”, but the summer is just starting and the need for a “change of …

How to perform maintenance on an Ardea Mobility scooter

14 June 2022 /

When deciding whether to purchase a scooter for an elderly person or someone with impaired mobility, you should always consider several simple but essential maintenance …

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