This is the estimate made, over the last few days, by Fabrizio Pregliasco, Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health and virologist.

It is a statistic that suggests caution and prevention are necessary if we want to increase our defences and not find ourselves unprepared if the virus affects us personally.
How do you prepare for it?
A healthy lifestyle, with a healthy diet and physical activity, is certainly the best way to prepare for the ills. A useful aid can also be provided by having an electro-medical equipment kit at home, for use when the thermometer rises. In detail:
The thermometer
At the first signs of discomfort, we instinctively touch our foreheads, to discover whether or not we have a temperature. However, a rise in body temperature can only be accurately measured by a thermometer. It is an essential electro-medical device for protection of our health.
The Kyara by Moretti range offers a wide range of digital and digital electronic and infra-red ear thermometers.
The digital thermometers range is water-resistant, with reading times ranging between 30 and 60 seconds, a flexible tip, an acoustic signal when the temperature has been read and the rough dimensions of an LCD display.
The infra-red ear thermometer range for instant temperature measurement can also include accessories such as probe covers to protect the sensor and hygiene, if it is used by several users, and a handy base when the device is not being used. The main functions include the possibility of memorising the last ten readings and measuring the temperature of the environment.
The most recent studies, confirmed by Dr. Susanna Esposito, full professor of paediatrics at Perugia University, confirm that a nebuliser is essential in treating bronchiolitis, asthmatic bronchitis and laryngitis.
A nebuliser offers clear benefits in these cases, although not in the case of common colds, sore throats or earache. How do you choose the one that best suits your needs?
Nebuliser therapy has different methods and times that depend on what is being treated. The method of use, particularly in terms of times and types of drugs used, is the discriminating factor in choice of the device that best suits our needs.
The Nyxy compact nebuliser in the Kyara by Moretti range is suitable for nebulising sessions not exceeding 20 minutes. In contrast, the Nyxy nebuliser in the Family model allows continual use, necessary in the case of sequential use by several members of the same family.
The difference between the Family and Compact models is the type of ampoule provided. The compact model is equipped with the Nebjet ampoule, which exploits the physical principle called “Venturi effect”, doubled by the tube open in the upper part. The type of nebulisation guaranteed by this system is ideal for ordinary use, for passing illnesses that require short-term use for brief sessions.
In contrast, the Family model is equipped with the Fasterjet ampoule, with a valve system that reduces dispersion of the drug, controlling both nebulisation and dispersion. This solution is suited to continuous and intensive use of the device.
The Moretti nebuliser range also includes electro-medical devices for nebuliser therapy suited to both home and clinical or professional use. What distinguishes the professional devices for clinical or home use, such as the NYXY Pro professional nebuliser or the Hosbyneb Professional model, is the different technology of the nebulising system, which allows the drug to reach the lower airways and thus increases the effectiveness of the treatment and optimises the therapeutic contribution of the drug to the patient’s breathing characteristics.
On the other hand, the professional devices, such as AirTherapy Professional, have been specifically designed for intensive care at a clinic or hospital.
Nasal wash
Dr. Susanna Esposito reminds us that the most effective way to relieve a blocked nose is nasal washes with saline solution. A nasal wash device is a valid ally. It is a device for nasal irrigation that washes the naval cavities rapidly and effectively, removing mucous and bacteria.
The Nasaljet nasal wash in the Kyara range, the operating principle of which is similar to the nebuliser, requires the addition of saline solution or the solution prescribed by the doctor in the internal chamber, after which it is must be connected to the nebuliser with a tube compatible with pneumatic nebulisers.
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