What does our work space say about us?

To an outside observer, the room, the instruments and how tidily (or untidily) they are arranged says a lot about our professionalism and our way of working.

Functional organisation of the space and the presence of efficient and reliable furnishings and work instruments is particularly important in certain professional settings, and especially in the healthcare sector.

For healthcare professionals, a functional, tidy and well-organised work space is essential to proper performance of their work and one of the most important pieces of furniture is the examination chair.

The examination chair is a multi-purpose chair designed to assist the specialist in various professional settings.

If it has electric motors, the height and inclination of the backrest, legs and footrests can be effortlessly adjusted, making it easier to work and allowing the patient to assume different positions, depending on the type of treatment being performed or their medical needs.

Here at Moretti, using our experience of the needs of healthcare operators and our skills and in-house production capacity, we have conceived, designed and manufactured three innovative multi-purpose examination chairs directly at our headquarters.

The Rugy examination chairs in the Skemaform range by Moretti SpA

The Rugy examination chairs have been designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, at our headquarters in Cavriglia, in the province of Arezzo in Tuscany.

These innovative, ergonomic and versatile chairs satisfy the needs of hospitals, clinics or beauty salons.

They have a sturdy, epoxy-coated steel structure on wheels, a movement system comprising four low-voltage electric motors, ergonomic padding that adapts to the patient’s shape and a fire-retardant and washable faux leather cover, available in a wide range of colours.

The Rugy chairs are Class 1 medical devices certified according to European Regulation 2017/745 EU (MDR) and are innovative and safe work tools that perfectly reconcile the operating needs of healthcare personnel with patient comfort.

All three types of chair (examination, blood samples and gynaecological) can be easily transformed into couches, to perform a wide range of treatments, and also have Trendelenburg positioning, with an inclination of 15°.

The Rugy chairs are simple to clean and sanitise, thanks to the characteristics of the faux leather cover and the technopolymer crank. They have a weight-bearing capacity of 200 kg and lockable wheels with independent brake, to position and station the chair easily in the work environment.

The backrest has a detachable and height-adjustable headrest and the entire structure is moved by four silent, low-voltage actuators, which allow both vertical travel of 40 cm and the desired level of reclining of the seat, backrest and footrest

Accessories are also available for the chairs, such as a two-part pedal board control to adjust the height and backrest.

They also have padded and detachable armrests (replaced with special arm supports on the blood sample version) that allow the patient to get in and out of the chair easily and assist the specialist while working.

The examination chair and the gynaecological chair have a special articulated joint for correct turning and positioning, on the arm supports for the former and on the thigh supports for the latter.

On the gynaecological chair, the position of the thigh supports can also be adjusted in depth, to better adapt the seat to the build of the patient.

The blood sample chair can also be equipped with an IV pole and is well-suited for use in dialysis or transfusions.

Optimal comfort of the seat and the broad and remote-controlled movements make Rugy the ideal solution for a wide range of medical and beauty treatments.

The Rugy chairs, equipped with remote control, paper roll holder and headrest, are available for immediate delivery in blue. They are also available in 10 working days, and at no additional cost, in a truly broad range of colours.

Consult the product catalogue for more information.

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