For this month’s “Customer of the month”, we interviewed Loredana Gentile, sales manager of Medisan srl

Hello Loredana. Could you tell us about Medisan srl and what it does?

Medisan is an orthopaedic and medical supply company with a special agreement with the Inail (Italian national insurance institute against accidents in the workplace). It was set up around twenty years ago by Dr. Alberto Vallone and has specialised in custom products since then.

Could you explain exactly what you do? What sets you apart from all the rest?

Medisan has always sold a precise selection of standard products at its two stores in Crotone. However, it also provides a consultation service for custom products. I think what sets us apart is our approach!

Tell us more! What is your approach to a customer who needs a customised aid?

Basically, we start by guiding the customer in understanding what they really need. Our service starts at the customer’s own home and continues at our workshop. Each customer is therefore guided in the choice of product, in the relative bureaucratic procedures and in use and maintenance after purchase!

It is a complete service in the true sense of the word. How is your team organised?

We are a young and growing company and our distinguishing feature is the way we are organised. Each of us has a precise sector of specialisation, an area to cultivate by keeping pace with developments and improving.

And Moretti? When did you start working with us?

I would say Moretti is unquestionably among the leading suppliers of Medisan. You have provided us with major support in our various phases of growth, not least thanks to the helpfulness and professionalism of your agent, Gianni Pace.

Thank you Loredana. Keep up the good work!

Thank you!

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