For this month’s “Customer of the month”, we interviewed Cristina Bianco of Sara Sanitaria Ortopedia srl.

Hello Cristina. Could you tell us how Sara Sanitaria Ortopedia was established?

Hello. Rather than the “how”, I would like to tell you about the “why”. Sara Sanitaria was established as a result of the belief that well-being must be cultivated every day, through a global approach that is always based on listening to the customer and understanding and solving all aspects of a problem.

Could you explain to us what distinguishes your approach?

Our approach always starts with listening carefully to the needs, problems and specific characteristics of each customer. Only then do we start an analysis and intervention process, the purpose of which is never simply functional recovery. What we aim to achieve is restoring an individual’s overall well-being, as far as possible.

That is clear. Could you describe the history of your company in more detail?

Sara Sanitaria was set up in 1980 as a family business. The first shop, in Maniago, had an internal workshop for the production of insoles and orthopaedic supports. Since then, the company has grown in terms of both numbers and space and in its professionalism and skills.

How is it organised now?

We currently have a head office in Azzano Decimo, which is over 400 m2, and a branch in Spilimbergo.

We are the only company in the area with an internal orthopaedic technician and are also a point of references for outside the province.

What services do you specialise in?

Our main areas of specialisation are care of the foot for athletes, diabetics and rheumatics, posturology, for which we collaborate with an internationally renowned technician, who recently worked, among other things, on testing national professional athletes in football, skiing, cycling and other sports, and the manufacture of customised orthopaedic aids in our workshop.

Sara Sanitaria has been a Moretti customer for many years. Could you tell us what you think about collaborating with us?

Yes, we have been a customer for a long time and our experience has always been very positive. What we really appreciate about the Moretti brand is the comprehensiveness of the range, the reliability and the rapid delivery.

Thank you Cristina!

Could I add one last aspect?

Of course! 

I would like to make a special mention of your agent, Flavio Binn, who is our interface with the company in the territory! In him, we have found a person of a rare professionalism and skill! His support has gone well beyond the simple business aspects on more than one occasion, and he has always been extremely helpful and demonstrated a profound knowledge of both the products and the sector.

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