One of the most delicate and complex phases of caring for anyone who is not self-sufficient is correct movement of the patient.

Moving them requires a precise set of actions, to be made taking account of the supports, the grips, balance, the ongoing treatment, the physical and mental conditions of the patient and relational and communicational aspects.

Each movement must be broken down into steps, using the right equipment and carefully assessing the extent to which the patient can move independently and cooperate.

Electric hoists offer the greatest support in the lifting and transfer, in a seated position, of people with impaired mobility.

Electric hoists allow the caregiver to assist the patient without effort, with changes of position in conditions of the utmost safety.

An electric hoist can be used to move a person from the bed, getting them up or laying them down on it.

Use of a hoist is also the best solution for transferring the patient to and from armchairs, seats, commode seats, wheelchairs or cars.

The hoists currently available, which also have reduced dimensions to suit the space available for assistance in the home, have a metal structure and harness to support and hold the patient in every phase of use.

An electric hoist also offers proper support for providing care in the bathroom. Thanks to a harness with a special opening, the hoist can be used on the toilet and bidet.

The Muevo Home hoist by Moretti

Using the experience in use and needs of caregivers providing home assistance to people with impaired mobility, Moretti has broadened its range of electric hoists by adding  “Muevo Home”.

“Muevo Home” is a care solution that can be configured to suit the patient’s needs. It is an aid for transfer and lifting of patients that, with a few simple steps, is transformed from lifting seat to patient hoist.

The “Muevo Home” hoist is particularly suited to movements and transfers in small spaces, due to its limited dimensions and to the fifth barycentric wheel with which it is equipped.

The device has an electrical lifting system controlled with remote control and can be transformed from a lifting seat to a patient hoist simply by replacing the two support arms with the single lifting arm.

Thanks to the system of electrical opening of the legs, it dimensions can be effortlessly adapted simply using the remote control.

“Muevo Home” is specifically designed to meet patient care needs as they change, both over time and in the areas of use.

It meets these needs over time, because it provides for changes in the care needs of the patient and gradual deterioration of their ability to move and cooperate, transforming from a lifting seat for transfer, for which a minimum level of autonomous movement is necessary, to a genuine patient hoist.

It meets them in the areas of use, because when it is used as a patient hoist, it allows the caregiver to wash and clean the patient easily. The result is all-round and totally safe care in the bathroom.




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