Alvin Toffler, futurist, great American essayist and businessman said: “Change is the process by which the future invades our lives.”
Change is the only way that we can open ourselves to tomorrow, recognize and grasp opportunities and produce action plans that can help us identify our new needs as they arise through improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of our actions.
“Only by remaining open to change, echoed Filippo Fabbrini, the Chief Operations Officer, “can we grow, develop and predict or intercept market trends; and last year’s closing figures show just how far down the road our conviction to change has come.”

Moretti closed 2017 with an increase in turnover of more than 11%. A figure that summarises a trend which included three all-time records in the months of May, October and November.

The CFO Maurizio Cartocci helped us to interpret these figures and could not hide his satisfaction as he commented that “the turnover growth is the result of a growth trend that has led to the in-house production creating a five-fold increase in Italian production turnover in the last four years, providing a contribution towards increased sales of +28% in 2017.”

“In recent years,” continued Cartocci, “Moretti has invested heavily in its own production sector: it has extended the dedicated area and developed its own technical equipment leading to the registration of two new patents in 2017.”

Going into further detail, Cartocci added that “if we look down over the income statement we can see that the double-digit growth in turnover is the result of an EBITDA that has more than doubled, reflecting prudent corporate management that has led to an increase in turnover and a consequent increase in margins.”

What has contributed towards this growth, therefore, is the company’s ongoing ability to optimise its internal processes by investing in new resources (10% increase in staff intake) and bringing itself into line with the strictest standards: Moretti has achieved compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 standards. Furthermore, an enlightened strategic vision has meant that the Fabbrini family has invested in Italian-made products and extended its own business activities beyond the boundaries of Italy, achieving a 40% increase in foreign customers over the past two years.

“These figures,” said Fabbrini, “are an additional stimulus towards change and all changes start from the conviction that change is possible. Change in ourselves or in the world around us. So my wish is for a Happy New Conviction to all of you for a 2018 where the future will find its way into your lives, driving you beyond your own limits and ever closer to your own personal goals.”

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