How we are dealing with the current emergency, the source of such radical and deep change.

“Our values are the parameters for our decisions and we never lose sight of them when assessing the appropriateness of our actions”.

When the first news of a potential pandemic came out of China, we read this part of our Company Profile out loud, took a deep breath and got to work.

The concepts of respect and responsibility

We repeated our basic values: the concepts of “respect” and “responsibility” for our internal collaborators, our sales network, our customers and the end users of our products. And we promptly and precisely identified new strategies. New objectives and new modus operandi that focused both on protecting the health and safety of everyone involved and on promptly satisfying the pressing needs of the coming health emergency.

As an organisation, we have always worked to offer a tangible contribution to improving the living conditions of the elderly and people with motor disabilities. And in this extraordinary emergency, we found ourselves having to combine the extraordinary with the ordinary. 

Combine the extraordinary with the ordinary

In other words, in order to deal promptly with requests for supply of the medical devices and aids needed to fight SARS-Cov-2, we decided it was essential, particularly at such a difficult time, to guarantee continuous service and assistance for everyone living with a disability.

Our products for the elderly, the injured and people with motor disabilities are, in fact, absolutely necessary and essential, which is precisely the reason why we not only continued working, but also started discussions with the various institutions to ensure the end users of our aids have a voice. 

Not a recovery, but a whole new world

We are aware that the current pandemic has resulted in a deep and radical change worldwide, an upheaval from which not a recovery, but a whole new world, will result.

We therefore see, in this emergency, a situation that will propel us towards a future that has already started.

Today, firstly as individuals and secondly as an organisation, we need to focus all our efforts and courage and the inventiveness that best describes our truly Italian nature on a new project and a new way of doing business.

This project will focus on people and on pursuing the well-being of the community. The cornerstones are two simple words: “responsibility” and “respect”, as we continue to base our operations on them.

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Moretti Service and Consulting è un’agenzia di comunicazione specializzata in ambito healthcare. MSC è un vero e proprio spin off aziendale, un comparto con competenze specialistiche in ambito comunicazione e marketing in grado di bilanciare le esigenze di distinzione ed innovazione che muovono la presentazione di ogni nuovo progetto con le normative e le codifiche che regolano la proposizione sul mercato di ausili e dispositivi medici.

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