For this month’s “Customer of the month”, we interviewed Michela from “Centro Ortopedico Nizza” in Turin

Hello Michela. Could you tell us about what Centro Ortopedico Nizza does?

We are an orthopaedics centre specialising in the design and production of aids for people with motor disabilities. One of our strengths is unquestionably the design and construction of posture systems, custom-made insoles and insoles for runners, orthopaedic components, custom-made wheelchairs and carbon braces or ones with Woudcast elements. 

What products do you offer for runners?

Anyone who runs, whether experts or beginners, should take a baropodometric test. This test uses the MAS system to provide a graph of the pressure exerted on the ground, both when standing still and during movement, and provides an anatomical and functional assessment of the foot. It gives us a precise view of both the morphology and the function or dysfunction of interconnected parts of the body.

It sounds like an extremely useful test both in terms of prevention and when there are problems to be monitored during training.

Precisely! Runners subject their joints to continual stress and it is important to prevent injury or intervene promptly in the case of dysfunctions such as hyperpronation and supination that can cause twists, tendinitis, tallonitis, plantar fasciitis, tendon disorders and knee pain.

Does the test identify the most suitable footwear and the need for a bite or an insole?

Absolutely! Our aim is to ensure that every athlete trains in the best conditions and that is why we often work with athletic coaches, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Is this a specific test just for runners?

Absolutely not. We recommend having this test taken by children and teenagers, to check that the foot is developing correctly and to identify any incorrect posture that can be eliminated easily with early treatment.

It also offers major benefits to anyone who suffers from joint pain, foot pain, lower back and neck pain or stability problems.

Thank you Michela! One last question! Your Centre has been offering our products to its customers for some time now. Could you tell us more about this collaboration?

Certainly. We have always worked very well together. In you, we found a highly professional supplier focused on our needs. I think what we share is an approach based on attention to the individual needs of each customer, something that really makes the difference and genuinely improves the life of the final users of your and our products! 

Thank you Michela. Keep up the good work!

Thank you!

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