When deciding whether to purchase a scooter for an elderly person or someone with impaired mobility, you should always consider several simple but essential maintenance operations that need to be performed to keep the scooter in optimal conditions.

In detail:


All scooters are battery-operated, meaning that they have rechargeable electric batteries with charging times that vary according to their specific capacity.

The scooter should be connected to the battery charger after every use or after a period of disuse.

When the battery is connected, it first charges and then stabilises, so it is a good idea to keep the scooter connected when it is not being used, as this not only guarantees that it is always fully charged, but also prolongs the life cycle of the battery for as long as possible.*


The scooter must be protected against water or damp when parked. It is important to keep the scooter dry and clean, and to park it close to a wall socket.


Do not wash the scooter like a car! Do not use water jets, but only a damp cloth and a mild detergent to clean the tyres and the seat.

It is also important to dry the scooter thoroughly after cleaning it.

Periodic checks

Before every use, it is always a good idea to check proper functioning of the brakes, inflation of the tyres and the battery level.

The scooter should be cleaned and the cables checked once a month.

It is also advisable periodically to disconnect the battery, check for signs of oxidation and insert the battery connections.

An annual service at your dealer or a specialised centre is also a good idea, to check stability of the frame and lubricate the wheel bearings and also to check for wear of the motor brushes

More information and warranty

Read the scooter’s instruction manual carefully before using it for the first time.

All Ardea Mobility scooters have a two-year warranty on the mechanical parts and there is a network of dealers and assistance centres.

Happy travels!


* consult the instruction manual for more information on battery maintenance and warranty.

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