At the invitation of Assobiomedica (the Confindustria association that represents the medical device industry and acts as an authoritative interlocutor with state institutions), Alessandro Berti, Representative of the Chief Operations and Public Affairs Officer of Moretti SpA, joined the delegation that accompanied the Italian Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin on the institutional trip to New Delhi from 28 to 30 November 2017.

The visit began with a speech given by the Health Minister Lorenzin to the Confederation of Indian Industry, and saw the delegation, coordinated by the Association Chairman Massimiliano Boggetti and the General Manager Fernanda Gellona, involved in the front line during the visit to the “Spinal Injuries Centre” in New Delhi.
In Berti’s words, Moretti was selected to take part in the delegation “due to its leading role in the Italian production of medical devices, particularly geared towards the rehabilitation and inclusion of patients with disabilities” and here at the SIC, he presented the innovative electric drive unit for wheelchairs, called “Tiboda”.
The system is totally revolutionary in terms of its features, power and ease of use and aims to meet the daily mobility needs and enhance the independence of those forced to lead their lives on a wheelchair.

In the words of Minister Lorenzin, the trip provided a concrete opportunity to display “the very best in Italian-made products in the field of health”, and to lay the foundations for bilateral cooperation in the field of medicine by initiating a “permanent technical discussion group, at the Italian Embassy in New Delhi, to further strengthen cooperation between the two countries.”

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