Moretti SpA, the company from the Province of Arezzo that manufactures and distributes medical aids and devices both at home and abroad, has chosen locally-born Giulia Capocci to be its testimonial. Giulia is more than a promising young wheelchair tennis player, she is already the national tournament winner and is preparing for the Paralympics in Tokyo 2020.

The agreement, signed between Giulia and Filippo Fabbrini, Chief Operations Officer of Moretti SpA, is the first step along a strategic path of communication where the company will be able to recount its own story and promote its activities. At the helm of the company, Filippo Fabbrini aims in this way to pursue with increasing effect Moretti’s commitment towards social welfare and the local community, as it has always done since 1976. This new initiative brings a breath of fresh air to its regular programs and looks towards the potential of the network and future generations.

As regards the Company’s choice of the young Italian champion, he says: “Our first thoughts went to sport, our second thoughts to the local area and the third to ambition. Giulia exemplifies all three elements, and in addition to being an excellent tennis player who trains and lives in the immediate vicinity of the company, she is also an ambitious, persevering and tenacious young woman. We will be ready to cheer for her at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020.”

Giulia, 25, has always played tennis. For the last 4 years, she has done so on a wheelchair.

Using a wheelchair has not blunted her passion, quite the opposite, it has prompted her to try out new training methods and a new style of play, that have helped her achieve excellent results after only eight months. When talking about herself, she says: “I play tennis in a wheelchair, which is a way of playing tennis. I’m a tennis player, not a girl in a wheelchair” and this outlook of hers on life and sport, which are often very similar, drives her ever closer to achieving her dreams. The events of 2017 have seen her as a winner of a succession of challenges, the last of which at Sion just a few weeks ago.

In this respect, she states, “My goals for this year were and still are numerous, but the 2 most important ones were to beat a top-10 player, which I managed to do at Sion, and finish the year among the top 20. And my season is not over yet.” The upcoming events include the Doubles Masters in Holland, from 22 to 26 November and the National Tournament scheduled for 8 December.

For Moretti, and for Giulia, ambition and perseverance are essential elements when competing, whether it is on the tennis court or in the marketplace.

They are two-of-a-kind and share the same energy in their readiness to pursue their goals with success.

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