Over the past few days, the Italian health minister, Roberto Speranza, has confirmed the positive trend in the Covid-19 health emergency, although inviting everybody to keep their guard up and to take things gradually.

He emphasised how important it is, in this phase, to keep scrupulously applying the containment measures and thus prevent infection, while still returning to production, commercial and social activities.

The current recommendations include avoiding large gatherings, wearing masks in all social situations and keeping an eye on our own health. One proviso is that anyone with a respiratory infection characterised by a temperature over 37.5°C is not allowed to go out.

Our body temperature is, in fact, an important indicator of our state of health and a fever is one of the symptoms of the infection associated with the coronavirus.

In most cases, in fact, signs of Covid-19 are fever, fatigue or a dry cough.

A highly reliable clinical thermometer must therefore be used to monitor our temperature.

The latest Moretti product is an infra-red digital thermometer with an LCD display. Its most important feature is that it is very easy to use and extremely reliable, allowing rapid measurement of temperature without any direct contact with the patient’s body.

How it works

The temperature is measured by positioning the thermometer sensor at a maximum distance of five centimetres from the centre of the brow. If the central button depicting a thermometer is pressed for around one second, the thermometer will confirm that the temperature has been measured by showing the result on the LCD display and emitting a single acoustic signal and vibrating.

If the temperature measured is over 37.6°C, the thermometer emits the acoustic signal three times.

If the thermometer is too far away (over 5cm), an error message appears on the display.

The thermometer measures the temperature in an extremely wide range (32°C to 43°C) and measurement is also available in °F.

If the temperature measured is lower than 32°C or higher than 43°C, the thermometer emits an acoustic signal three times, inviting the user to check the surrounding conditions and the measurement method.

The new Moretti infra-red digital thermometer is therefore a highly precise, simple and immediate instrument for looking after our own health and the health of our loved ones.

Consult our product catalogue or ask at your usual orthopaedics and medical supply store for more information.

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