The table plays a central role in the organisation of every professional healthcare operator’s workplace.

The table is a basic work tool for doctors, physiotherapists and other professionals in the medical and wellness sectors.

Its importance in performance of the professional activity is precisely the reason why it must be chosen with care. Both variables associated with its setting and aspects linked specifically to the type of treatments to be performed must therefore be considered when it is chosen.

Let us look now at how best to choose between the wide range of products currently available on the market.

Tables with a fixed or folding perimeter structure, with hydraulic or electric mechanisms

The choice of the structure best suited to the specific needs is closely linked to how the table will be used.

If it is used mainly for medical examinations, a fixed perimeter structure, with adjustable feet and reclining backrest will probably be sufficient. However, in the case of medical treatments or physiotherapy, for which the patient spends a longer time on the table, or complex operations by medical personnel, it is worth considering a structure with hydraulic or electric mechanisms.

In the first case, a gas spring is used to raise and incline the backrest with a pneumatic mechanism. In the second case, the headrest is adjusted and raised electrically, which requires less effort on the part of the medical personnel using it.

A last specific case is peripatetic healthcare operators, for whom a folding and easily transportable structure is essential.

Moretti covers the whole range of types with its SkemaForm brand, a synonym of Italian quality.

The Lybra and Rygel ranges have a fixed steel perimeter structure; the Lytus tables are available in the hydraulic or electric versions; the Antares, Deneb, Galaxy and Diadema tables have a fixed wooden structure; the Polaris has a folding wooden structure, with lower weights and dimensions.

In each range, Skemaform quality guarantees a sturdy structure, polyurethane padding and easily washable and self-extinguishing synthetic leather covers in class 1IM.

Steel or wooden tables

The choice of material of the table structure, regardless of the visual aspects associated with the furnishing of the medical practice as a whole, depends on the type of structure chosen. A wooden structure is incompatible with hydraulic or electric mechanisms, but there can be a larger number of sections, necessary to specific types of treatment.

Wooden tables, which often have a support surface underneath, can have two, three or four sections. In the first case, the backrest is reclinable, while in the second, the part for the lower limbs can be adjusted and, in the third, it is possible to recline both the backrest and two further sections, with metal compasses, from -45° to +45°.

Moretti supplies a wide range of wooden tables, all of which have a structure coated with water-based paint, a padded chipboard surface and, like the steel ranges, polyurethane padding and easily washable and self-extinguishing synthetic leather covers in class 1IM.

The SkemaForm wooden models range from the simple Antares table to the larger Daneb tables and the more specialised tables of the Galaxy and Diadema ranges.

Dimensions, materials and optionals

Once the best structure and most suitable material have been chosen, it is worth focusing on the size, the maximum load, the quality of the construction materials and the optional features available.

These features depend entirely on the specific activity performed by the healthcare professional, the type of patient and the setting in which the table will be positioned.

– Dimensions

Choice of the correct table size, in terms of width, height and weight, depends very much on the dimensions of its setting, on the comfort of the healthcare operator who will be using it and on the characteristics of the patients and the consequent maximum load that the table must guarantee.

– Quality of the construction materials

The quality and maintenance and cleaning requirements of the covers and padding should also be carefully considered. This is necessary to ensure patient comfort and also to guarantee purchase of a durable product that is easy to clean after every use.

– Available optional features and customisation

A final and essential assessment concerns the features of each model, the optional features available and the possibility of customising the product in terms of dimensions, materials or colours.

This all ensures that the best working conditions are created for every professional healthcare operator.

Click here or contact your usual orthopaedics and healthcare products store to learn more about the Skemaform tables.

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