The current health emergency has led to profound changes in our everyday life. Each and every one of us, old and young, has had to change the way we act, introducing social distancing and protecting ourselves and others.

This revolution has also had a major impact within the four walls of our homes.

They have been transformed into multi-purpose spaces in which we live and work and in which we have also had to learn to satisfy our need for well-being, movement and relaxation.

In order to protect our loved ones, we have also had to rethink the importance of how the space is organised, particularly if we live with someone with a motor disability who needs to spend their time safely, independently and comfortably within those four walls.

A well-organised bedroom, an easily accessible bathroom, a safe and functional kitchen and a comfortable living room have now become priorities.

The introduction of medical devices in place of or in addition to normal furniture is often all that is needed to make a difference and ensure the comfort and safety of a person who has difficulty moving around.

Choosing a medical device in place of a normal mattress or any other furnishing element, provided it is a high-quality one, is often not only the best option, to support and facilitate the simultaneous action of drugs and medical treatments, but also the most inexpensive, as there is a 19% tax deduction (in Italy).

We would like to focus here on lifting armchairs. This element is both the centrepiece of the living room and also a multi-purpose element that ensures our loved ones are seated comfortably, safely and with proper support at any time of day.

Let us look in detail at the new armchairs in the Mopedia range of Moretti SpA

Ninfea Armchair

The Ninfea lifting armchairs in the Mopedia range of Moretti SpA have a simple and essential design that combines comfort and proper support with practicalness.

They can be coordinated with a diverse set of furnishing styles and are available in a wide and original range of colours and finishes in water-repellent, breathable and antibacterial fabrics, with anti-mite, antimicrobial and stain-proofing treatments.



The armchair has two motors, which can be used to move the backrest and raise the seat separately, adapting the chair to the person’s own needs.

The Ninfea model has the relaxation function, which allows a wide range of reclining of the backrest with simultaneous raising of the footrest, and also the stand-up function, with inclination and raising of the seat to assist in getting out of the armchair. Addition of the roller system, formed of a concealed trolley, allows the armchair to be moved easily from one room to another.


It is also possible to add an armchair cover kit in a coordinated colour and a backup battery for use during power cuts.


Dafne Armchair

The Dafne lifting armchairs in the Mopedia range of Moretti SpA are ergonomic and comfortable. What makes the difference is a backrest with an extremely comfortable and ergonomic cushion. A single detail that distinguishes this armchair in terms of design as well, with its full and rounded shape.

The Dafne armchairs are available in the colours grey or sand and, in terms of functions, are similar to the Ninfea model in the technical features (two motors, relaxation and stand-up functions as standard features, roller system and backup battery as optionals) and in the finishes and characteristics of the cover fabrics. An armchair cover kit is also available.


Felce Armchair

The Felce lifting armchairs in the Mopedia range of Moretti SpA are the ideal solution for anyone who desires comfort, but also has limited space in the home. The Felce armchair has a simple and elegant design, with a broad seat but limited external dimensions.

Felce armchairs are available in the colours blue or cord and, in terms of functions, are similar to the Dafne, Ninfea and Anemone armchairs in the Mopedia range.



Anemone Armchair

The Anemone lifting armchairs in the Mopedia range of Moretti SpA are extraordinarily soft. The contemporary and linear design is accompanied by an extremely cosy and comfortable padding that combines perfect comfort with proper support.

Anemone armchairs are available in the colour red and similar to the Dafne, Ninfea and Felce armchairs in terms of functions and optionals.


Timo Armchair

The Time lifting armchairs in the Mopedia range of Moretti SpA offer a new concept of comfort. They are equipped to create a multi-purpose chair that offers an unprecedented sensation of relaxation.

The distinguishing features are the removable armrests, which allow you to move easily from a wheelchair to the armchair with the right support once seated there, and the extractable ear flaps, which offer the right support to the head, depending on whether you are performing an activity or just resting in the armchair.

The Timo armchairs are available in the colours blue and sand and are equipped with a set of push bars and four braked wheels, which can be used to move the armchair easily within the home.

In addition to the optionals and functions of the Mopedia range, a shaped wooden table is also available.


Timo Class Armchair

Timo Class is an evolution of the Timo armchair and the height of comfort in the Mopedia range of lifting armchairs, making it so much more than just a simple armchair. The comfort of the seat, the accompanying features and the technical functions and optionals combine to create a multi-purpose solution that satisfies the needs of the elderly or people with simple or complex motor disabilities, at any time of day.

In addition to the features of the Timo armchairs, the Timo Class versions also have a Lift function, which can be used to raise the seat by up to 12 centimetres, in order to reach the table better, for example. It also has the bed function, which creates a flat surface between the footrest, seat and backrest, by reclining it to 180°.



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