It is becoming increasingly difficult to look after our elderly relatives. The pace of our own lives and their continually changing needs as they grow old make the process of understanding what they really need more complex every day.

Choosing a product for them means considering their own personality and physical condition, to make a positive contribution to their well-being.

The first step is to ensure a secure and comfortable domestic environment: a functional bathroom, with handles and supports to assist in use of the sanitary facilities; a bedroom with a suitable bed and a living-room where they can relax, using a chair that not only supports posture but also allows easy movement and rest.

Why use an armchair for the elderly?

Think for a moment about the day-to-day routine of our elderly relatives. The living-room is probably the centre of the home. It is the room where they carry out the activities they love and therefore probably the one where they spend a lot of time sitting down.

It goes without saying that the chair they use can really make a difference, if it suits their lifestyle and guarantees comfort and well-being.

How do you choose the armchair for the elderly that best suits their needs?

Quality and Certificates:

The first factor in choice is the quality of the product. You can recognise a quality armchair at first glance, from its finishes, materials and the comfort of the seat.

The product origin guarantees its quality. In the case of Moretti, it is 100% Made in Italy, for a range of lifting armchairs conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. Product safety is certified by the presence of the CE mark for medical devices class 1, which allows a tax deduction of 19%.

The motors:

There are electrically-controlled armchairs with 1, 2 or 4 motors. Choosing a chair with at least 2 motors, as envisaged in all armchairs in the Mopedia by Moretti range, means being able to adjust the backrest and footrest independently, with a whole range of adjustments to adapt the seat to the posture needs of the user.


The user’s build and the space available must be considered in choosing the armchair. The Mopedia by Moretti range has three variants, with a width ranging between a minimum of 62 cm and a maximum of 83 cm, with a maximum weight of 160 kg.


The various uses of the armchair means it is important to choose the right covering fabric, as this can make the difference in terms of effective comfort of the chair and its durability over time. All Moretti armchairs are covered with anti-mite, anti-stain, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and breathable fabrics, available in various colours and finishes. They also come with a set of armchair covers, consisting of a seat cover, a backrest cover and an armrest cover.

In addition to these features, the importance of the following features should be assessed in choosing the best armchair for our elderly relatives:


Backrest with “headrest”.

If the elderly person uses the armchair to rest or needs a side support due to postural problems, it is important to consider the shape of the backrest and select the most appropriate support.

Assisted standing function.

If the user has difficulty getting up, it is worth checking whether this function is present, as a sloping mechanism of the seat helps the person to stand up. This function is available on the entire range of Mopedia armchairs.

Roller system

All Mopedia By Moretti armchairs have two small front wheels that assist movement of the armchair around the home for cleaning and/or brief movements. A roller system has to be present if the armchair needs to be moved with the person sitting in it. There is a trolley with two or four wheels that drops down when a lever is pressed and disappears when the armchair is correctly positioned. The Mopedia range is equipped with this function as an optional feature on the entire range and as a series feature on the Bellepoque model.


Lift Movement

If the armchair is used by a person with a major motor disability, this function can be a precious aid. The movement in question lifts the armchair by around 15 centimetres. This lifting movement allows the user to remain comfortably seated at the table and during meals. The Moretti range includes this function on the Bellepoque model.

Extractable armrests

If the elderly person is a wheelchair user, moving them into the armchair can be more difficult. That is why extractable armrests are an important feature in simplifying movement from the wheelchair into the armchair, with a simple sliding movement. This function is also available as an optional feature on the Casablanca model and a series feature on the Bellepoque model.

Bed Function

Not to be confused with the relaxation function guaranteed by most armchairs for the elderly, with appropriate reclining mechanisms, the bed function transforms the armchair into an actual bed, with ergonomics that offer proper support for the back. This function is guaranteed both by the reclining mechanism and by various types of padding and a softer surface layer with a deeper foam padding layer, for support and optimal comfort.

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