We are starting again with new routines, such as measuring body temperature.



Social distancing, masks, strict compliance with hours, routes and protocols.

The school bell rang for everyone this year as our children returned to school. The rules that had remained within the four walls of our homes until now have become a part of the day-to-day lives of our children and we have to view the protocols as part of the new normal.

Each of us must play our part, inside and outside the schools, by helping the younger generations to adjust to a new, delicate and precarious equilibrium.

We have to learn how to greet each other by raising a hand, to introduce ourselves smiling with our eyes and to remember social distancing when we express ourselves.


Over recent days, schools have asked parents to sign a joint responsibility agreement. It is a document in which the school lays down, in writing, the rules for this return, in which the spaces have been reorganised and new resources used, for a method of teaching that turns these new limits into opportunities.


In practical terms, parents are being asked to monitor their children’s health constantly.

Every parent is therefore being asked to keep their child at home, and to notify their paediatrician and the school, in the presence of symptoms such as a temperature over 37.5 °C, a sore throat, a blocked nose, conjunctivitis, loss of sense of smell and taste.


Going further, in addition to the careful eye every parent keeps on their children’s health every day anyway, particularly in this period, there is an important new routine to add, which is measuring body temperature.


This simple gesture is essential to checking an important indicator of our children’s health.

We suggest making it simpler, and an automatic and routine gesture before going to school, by using an infra-red digital thermometer.


Our infra-red digital thermometer is extremely reliable and simple to use.

Without any direct contact, and with a one-second measurement time, it is possible to obtain a precise and immediate measurement.


Ask your usual orthopaedics and medical supply store for the Moretti SpA infra-red digital thermometer.

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