Those of you who are parents or grandparents have probably already asked yourselves this question. Infra-red thermometers are quick and easy to use, do not need a long wait and are often the simplest solution to check the body temperature of our children and grandchildren, even when they are sleeping. But are they really reliable?

An infra-red thermometer reads the temperature immediately and has a measurement time of just a few seconds, which means smaller children do not need to stay still for too long. The only drawback is their sensitivity.

Just a few simple rules need to be followed in order to use them properly and ensure that they are really precise and reliable. Let us look at what they are:

1. Where is the thermometer?

An infra-red thermometer is highly sensitive to the surrounding environment: do not leave it in sunlight, outside a window or close to a heat source. Keep it with care in the home (out of the reach of children) and always in the same place if possible.

2. Before taking the temperature …

Check that your children have not performed activities that could falsify the result, such as:
used a hair-dryer to dry hair
worn a hat or any other headgear for a lengthy period, as this could change the temperature of their forehead
rested their forehead against an extremely cold surface or washed their face with very hot or very cold water
been running or performed intensive physical activity

In all these cases, wait a few minutes before measuring their temperature!

3. During measurement

Remember that the thermometer needs to stay still. Ask your children to stay still too while you are taking their temperature. Always measure the temperature in the same position, in the same room and, as far as possible, at the same distance.

In order to take a temperature using a Moretti SpA infra-red thermometer, simply position the thermometer sensor at a maximum distance of five centimetres from the centre of the child’s brow and press the central button with a picture of a thermometer on it for around one second.The thermometer confirms that the temperature has been measured by showing the result on the LCD screen and emitting a single sound and a vibration.

If the temperature measured is over 37.6°C, the thermometer will emit an acoustic signal three times.

If the thermometer is too far away, it will display an error message on the screen.

4. After taking the temperature, how do you recognise a good thermometer and a correct measurement

A good thermometer can be recognised by its reliability (as well as by several preliminary aspects with which to assess quality on purchasing it – click here for details – link to the previous article). If you take several measurements in static conditions, and therefore on the same person, in the same conditions, at the same distance and in the same room, you should obtain consistent measurements with a deviation of 0.2 °C.


Now you know all about infra-red thermometers, all you have to do is go to your usual pharmacy, orthopaedics or medical supply store and ask for the infra-red thermometer distributed and guaranteed by Moretti SpA.

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