Getting youngsters back to school has been a complex operation this year.

Some believe opening schools again is a gamble. For others, it is a welcome return to normality. In our opinion, it marks the start of an entirely new way of going about our everyday activities.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues and it is precisely in the classroom that the rules of a new form of social coexistence are being laid out.

A new public order. A society in which each and every one of us is asked to follow new rules and to accept new and important responsibilities.

the fight to stop the virus

We much each do our part and understand that we all have a personal role to play in the fight to stop the virus spreading.

The first step, even before compliance with the rules on using masks and on social distancing, is obviously focusing close attention on our own state of health.

Checking body temperature is an important part of this.

A fever should be considered as an alarm bell. It is a warning that we cannot ignore, as it is a possible symptom of the coronavirus.

It is precisely in consideration of this aspect that the Ministry of Health is asking all parents of school-age children, as specified in the protocol agreement to guarantee the start of the school year in accordance with the rules of safety in fighting the pandemic, to measure their children’s temperature at home before leaving for school.

Checking body temperature

It is, in fact, specified that: “Measuring body temperature at home, before going to school, is an important rule in protecting your own and other people’s health. It helps prevent spread of the virus during the journey between home and school, on the means of transport used, while waiting to enter school or in the classroom.”

It is a simple gesture, for which a thermometer is needed, which may be clinical, digital or infra-red.

The latest product at Moretti is an infra-red thermometer. It is an infra-red digital thermometer with an LCD display. Its most important feature is that it is very easy to use and extremely reliable, allowing rapid measurement of temperature without any direct contact.

How it works

The temperature is measured by positioning the thermometer sensor at a maximum distance of five centimetres from the centre of the brow. If the central button depicting a thermometer is pressed for around one second, the thermometer will confirm that the temperature has been measured by showing the result on the LCD display and emitting a single acoustic signal and vibrating.

If the temperature measured is over 37.6°C, the thermometer will emit an acoustic signal three times.

If the thermometer is too far away (over 5cm), an error message appears on the display.

The thermometer measures temperature in both °C and in °F, in an extremely broad range, between 32°C and 43°C. If the temperature measured is below 32°C or above 43°C, the thermometer will emit an acoustic signal three times and invite the user to check the surrounding conditions and the measurement method.


The new Moretti infra-red digital thermometer is therefore a highly precise, simple and immediate instrument in looking after our own health and the health of our children.


Ask your usual orthopaedics and medical supply store for the Moretti SpA infra-red thermometer.

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