Imagine a country without Christmas, a place where this word has no meaning. A place where the magic of a timeless festivity that brings together young and old, and teaches them about the joy of giving, does not exist.

A place without gifts, without lights and decorations and without the magic of waiting and wishing.

A place where there is no need to worry about finding the right gift for each of our loves ones, where the smile that lights up their faces cannot even be imagined.

Hard to imagine, right? The explanation is simple: we need Christmas, more than ever this year!

That is why, together with our hope that you can rediscover the magic and enjoy the atmosphere and moments of genuine serenity with your family, we are proposing several useful gift ideas for your loved ones.

Lifting armchairs

The flights of fantasy continue and this time they have the faces of your loved ones. Where do you imagine them being? How do they spend their days?

If they lead a mostly sedentary life at home, the right chair is absolutely essential for their comfort and safety. An armchair that holds and supports them, safe, sturdy and capable of accompanying them as they sit down and get up and of satisfying their relaxation needs in a customised manner.

Consult our guide on choice of the right lifting armchair here


These are essential measuring instruments used to monitor the state of health of our heart independently. They are a good habit to introduce into the family and are now available with easy to read displays and a step-by-step talking guide.

Discover everything you need to know to choose the right one here

Heating pads and heated bed covers

The best allies in the winter. Easy to use, safe and efficient, they contribute to relaxing the muscles and relieving pain, which tends to intensify when it is cold. The heating pad provides heat where and when it is needed. They add snugness to an armchair or a good night’s sleep in the heated bed cover format.

Our range includes: heated bed covers in sherpa fleece, for single or double beds; 2-in-1 heating pads, with hand warmer or feet warmer functions or for use spread over the stomach or back; heating capes for the neck and back; feet warmers, heated pillows or neck heating pads.

See them all here

Carbon-fibre walking stick

A walking stick helps to regulate the steps and add a touch of style, but also provides important support as we get older, or in the case of an accident or illness that causes unsteady walking. The Brio range offers a wide variety of shapes, patterns and colours, but which is the most elegant of them all? The carbon-fibre one!

Positioning cushions

What position do you sleep in? Are you sure you can answer this question with certainty? We often assume that the position in which we go to sleep is also the one we maintain throughout the night, but that is frequently not the case. The posture we adopt when we sleep affects the quality of our rest and influences our general state of health.

Our range of positioning cushions are suited to a wide range of uses and add comfort where it is needed.


If you have a sports enthusiast in your family or someone who suffers from the chronic pain caused by headaches, arthritis, arthrosis, sciatica, neck pain, lower back pain or tendinitis, our new FITergy range is the gift you are looking for.

Fitergy is a range of medical devices in textile fibre that, with the assistance of a special biomolecule, reduces feelings of pain and recovery times between one workout and the next.

Fitergy is available to be worn in the t-shirt, leggings, knee pad, elbow pad and scarf versions, or can be used in the bedroom, as a mattress cover, or as a seat cover

Discover the entire range here


The holidays are a good time to dedicate to our loved ones, but it is also important to find safety solutions that allow us to look after them from a distance in everyday life as well. With Famil.Care, you can care for your loved ones every day and in emergencies, through a simple button they wear like a pendant.

Famil.Care allows you to geolocate them and automatically detect accidental falls. It also allows them to contact you or request assistance at any time, simply by pressing a button.

Discover how Famil.Care works and activate it with a click!

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Merry Christmas

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