What to give an elderly person at Christmas

10 December 2019

Christmas is almost here and it is time to think about gifts. The search for the perfect gift is based on the tastes and wishes of our loved ones and leads us to dedicate some of our time to shopping.

How to choose a patient transfer harness

27 November 2019

Here at Moretti, we have been creating healthcare aids and devices for over forty years. It has always been our aim to offer a complete …

The new Helios range is here! Lighter, but still as comfortable as ever.

20 November 2019

Weight is unquestionably one of the many factors to consider in choosing the best wheelchair for the mobility needs of people with disabilities and the …

Medical Device Challenge: how it went!

22 October 2019

The second Medical Device Challenge,the two-day sports and solidarity event sponsored by Confindustria Medical Devices to support the Dynamo Camp recreational therapy, was held on 12 …

Customer of the month: Sara Ortopedia

8 October 2019

For this month’s “Customer of the month”, we interviewed Cristina Bianco of Sara Sanitaria Ortopedia srl. Hello Cristina. Could you tell us how Sara Sanitaria …

Compact size without losing any comfort: Discover the compact aids to help with your mobility

24 September 2019

When our mobility is reduced due to advancing years or a disability or illness, it is often essential to resort to some kinds of mobility …

Social networks in the medical sector: there’s still a long way to go from being “present” to becoming (strategically) “active”

16 September 2019

Are Italian companies that deal in medical devices present on social networks? If so, are they active? And what are their aims? These questions have …

New MDR and electro-medical products: verification responsibilities are extended to electrical standards.

16 September 2019

Some time ago we posted an article on the important news contained in the new Medical Device Regulation MDR 745/2017, which determines the repeal of …

From Mexico to New York: travel advice with the Tiboda front drive

6 September 2019

Just a few months ago, we met Alberto Arenghi, Associate Professor of Technical Architecture at the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Territory, Environment and Mathematics …

How to choose a sphygmomanometer: an essential device in looking after your heart.

6 September 2019

The World Health Organisation recently published an alarming figure: hypertension is the main cause of death due to cardiovascular problems and over 50% of the …

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