Ableism disables us as human beings

4 October 2018

A new word to add to the book of good manners, in order to understand it, but not repeat it. And pass it on, in order to vanquish the virus of ableism.

Tips for choosing your wheelchair: everything you need to know

18 July 2018

Wheelchairs that are standard, special, manually self-propelled, transit style…here’s how to find your way around the universe of mobility aids for the disabled and the elderly.

Moretti SpA supports the “L’isola sono io” reality show

5 June 2018

The TV program envisaging disability as a means of inclusion and enrichment since 2014. Here, every journey offers the chance to break down new barriers, mental or otherwise.

The Polis foundation: a concrete tool to achieve “Dopo di Noi” (After Us)

19 March 2018

Barbara Cavandoli, director of the Polis Foundation, tells us about the foundation’s goals and activities.