Influencers in the world of disability: just a fad?

16 July 2019

Are influencers just a fad or are they useful in deploying a more informed method of communication? Influencers are, first and foremost, people who use …

The customer of the month: La carrozzineria

18 June 2019

For this month’s “customer of the month” we interviewed “La carrozzineria”. A company with over 30 years of experience behind it and a clear vision …

Destinazione Mobility: discover the next stages of the tour!

4 June 2019

As we get older and our health affects our ability to move independently, our world becomes smaller and even the tiniest movement becomes more difficult. …

I collect mishaps that become gifts

4 June 2019

Writing about your own life is a nostalgic journey back in time, it is rubbing salt into old wounds, it is music that brings back …

An interview with Giulia Capocci, professional tennis player and Tiboda testimonial

23 May 2019

We met Giulia Capocci, our Tiboda testimonial. Here’s how her race for Tokyo is going. Hi Giulia, how are things? Pretty good; I had a …

How do you choose the right anti-decubitus mattress?

21 May 2019

The use of a suitable medical device, in many cases, can really make a difference in the quality of life of our loved ones. If …

Creating the right bedroom for the elderly and people with disabilities: where do you start?

30 April 2019

The quality of sleep is fundamental to our physical and mental well-being. Only getting proper rest restores our energy and vitality and is essential in …

An interview with Arianna Talamona; paralympic swimmer training for Tokyo 2020

30 April 2019

You meet some interesting people on social media. You discover profiles that amaze you for the ease with which they communicate, for the sense of …

Simply taking part is not enough in the pursuit of happiness

30 April 2019

The pursuit of happiness is not just a tearjerker film starring Will Smith, but an obstacle course that each of us deserves to take, because …

Aids and prosthetics for sports: Alessandro Berti of Moretti SpA spoke at the hearing as the Assobiomedica delegate

15 January 2019

Alessandro Berti of Moretti SpA spoke at the hearing as the Assobiomedica delegate

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