Surgical masks for children: the safest choice. Discover why.

19 October 2020

Right from the beginning of the Covid health emergency, the spread of the virus among children and teenagers has been analysed and studied by healthcare …

Back to school in safety

1 October 2020

We are starting again with new routines, such as measuring body temperature.     Social distancing, masks, strict compliance with hours, routes and protocols. The …

Measuring body temperature before going to school: the how and the why

29 September 2020

Getting youngsters back to school has been a complex operation this year. Some believe opening schools again is a gamble. For others, it is a …

Which infra-red thermometer should you choose? 5 + 1 aspects that identify a high-quality thermometer

29 September 2020

Measuring body temperature is an essential part of monitoring our state of health. With a good quality infra-red thermometer, this operation is quick and efficient. …

The identikit of a pulse oximeter: what it is, how to use it and what it is used for.

30 June 2020

An oximeter, or pulse oximeter, is a simple, immediate and non-invasive device used to measure and monitor both oxygen saturation in the haemoglobin present in …

Precise, reliable and immediate: our new infra-red digital thermometer

10 June 2020

Over the past few days, the Italian health minister, Roberto Speranza, has confirmed the positive trend in the Covid-19 health emergency, although inviting everybody to …

Disposable gloves: when it is a good idea to place a barrier between ourselves and the outside world

5 June 2020

When Julia Roberts is about to drink from a bottle in India, in the film “Eat Pray Love”, a more seasoned traveller advises her to …

What to give an elderly person at Christmas

10 December 2019

Christmas is almost here and it is time to think about gifts. The search for the perfect gift is based on the tastes and wishes of our loved ones and leads us to dedicate some of our time to shopping.

Compact size without losing any comfort: Discover the compact aids to help with your mobility

24 September 2019

When our mobility is reduced due to advancing years or a disability or illness, it is often essential to resort to some kinds of mobility …

New MDR and electro-medical products: verification responsibilities are extended to electrical standards.

16 September 2019

Some time ago we posted an article on the important news contained in the new Medical Device Regulation MDR 745/2017, which determines the repeal of …

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