Our support for the third painting contest dedicated to Giuliano Pini

4 June 2019

“Leggende, miti e racconti” “legends, myths and stories” is the title and the theme of the third painting contest dedicated to Giuliano Pini. This initiative …

Beyond appearances: Sculpture is the main attraction in Cavriglia

16 May 2019

When Michelangelo Buonarroti saw a block of marble, he used to say he could see an image forming in his mind’s eye. A shape to …

3+1 Prejudices, about the world of disability

9 May 2019

Prejudices about the world of disability are like fixed, immovable walls that are hard to break down. It is right to be aware of how …

Repeat with me: do you need help?

26 March 2019

Everything would be so much simpler if people would just ask and allow us to answer rather than considering us to be a gigantic sign …

Dynamo Camp: holidays for fighters and heroes!

15 March 2019

During the past few days, Moretti SpA went to the offices of the Associazione Dynamo Camp Onlus with a truck full of wheelchairs and mobility …

The new responsibilities of retailers under regulation MDR 745/2017

5 March 2019

The new Medical Devices Regulation MDR 745/2017, which repeals directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent amendments, came into force on 25 May 2017, and will be definitive …

Once upon a time, there was a princess in a wheelchair

25 February 2019

Diversity is one of the most important and “sensitive” topics to discuss with both young and slightly older children. They often ask us to explain …

The mammoth, a piece of Valdarno’s history

31 July 2018

Moretti SpA contributed to the extraordinary and complex operations that allowed the completion of the first phase of restoration of the mammoth.

Moretti SpA supports the “L’isola sono io” reality show

5 June 2018

The TV program envisaging disability as a means of inclusion and enrichment since 2014. Here, every journey offers the chance to break down new barriers, mental or otherwise.

The Polis foundation: a concrete tool to achieve “Dopo di Noi” (After Us)

19 March 2018

Barbara Cavandoli, director of the Polis Foundation, tells us about the foundation’s goals and activities.