Aids and prosthetics for sports: Alessandro Berti of Moretti SpA spoke at the hearing as the Assobiomedica delegate

15 January 2019

Alessandro Berti of Moretti SpA spoke at the hearing as the Assobiomedica delegate

Customer of the month: Orthosan srl

15 January 2019

This month’s “Customer of the month” is Orthosan srl in Montesilvano (PE). The company has turned from being simply a laboratory manufacturing orthopaedic prosthetics and aids to being a point of reference of the orthopaedics sector stretching beyond the borders of the Abruzzo region.

Give us the fairy godmother to be fashionable

15 January 2019

Fashion is the art of expressing your personality through your clothes, to the extent that, frequently, “you are what you wear”. Our clothes express who we are and how we feel and, through shapes and colour combinations, complete our person.

Let’s hope your 2019 is extraordinary, and full of ordinary days.

15 January 2019

We are looking forward to a 2019 that is as extraordinary as 2018, and the way we experienced it, was for us.

With Tiboda? From Brescia to China

4 December 2018

Today, we are going to tell you about the experience of Alberto Arenghi, Associate Professor of Technical Architecture at the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, …

Armchairs for the elderly: how to choose the right one for perfect relaxation

16 November 2018

We are providing a few guidelines on how to choose between the different features and functions of armchairs for the elderly. The best way to offer genuine relaxation to our nearest and dearest

Walkers Which one should you choose?

16 November 2018

The assistive technology of a walker can be a huge help in overcoming this insecurity, as a firm frontal support for the elderly and the disabled in maintaining the upright position and walking around the home or outside.

Saying, doing, kissing, testing

16 November 2018

A person’s senses take in everything that can allow them to interact with the outside world. This includes touch. For me, touch is an approach to another person that also passes through the universe of sex.

Customer of the month: Ortopedia Franco Zungri s.r.l.

29 October 2018

This month’s interview is with Ortopedia Franco Zungri srl, a company set up in the postwar period and currently capable of combining a traditional craftsman’s skill with more evolved technologies.

Travelling towards you

23 October 2018

A highly automated system guarantees you delivery within one working day. A state-of-the-art system to protect your well-being.