Ableism disables us as human beings

4 October 2018

A new word to add to the book of good manners, in order to understand it, but not repeat it. And pass it on, in order to vanquish the virus of ableism.

Choice of a walking stick for the elderly

18 September 2018

Material, handle, width of the tip and optional features. How to choose a walking stick for an elderly person.

Interview with our customer of the month: Medikron

12 September 2018

It was 1995 when a family of entrepreneurs that had been performing industrial, business and services activities in the energy, environment and healthcare sectors for over a century founded Medikron in Rome.

You are stronger than you think: the experience of Enzo Contemi

4 September 2018

Having a disability means dealing with new limits and being prepared to explore new scenarios. Enzo found his inspiration in sport. Here’s how.